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If you had told me back in 2003 that one day I would be the CEO of my own successful company I would have just replied with “In my wildest dreams.”


Coming into another country at 14 years old everything was so new and scary for me. I was bullied at school and people always made fun of me and my accent. I told myself I wouldn’t let them put me down. Till this day I ignore those who try to bring me down and I do my best in every aspect of my life. 


Life moved pretty quickly for me, I was a single parent at  23 with two daughters and uncertain of what I wanted to create for my future. I wanted to be able to support my myself and my daughters while doing something I loved. I found my passion in makeup when I realized how it always made me feel empowered when I wore it. I practiced on myself each day and learned the art of it on my own. I figured that I could also make others feel beautiful and empowered if became a makeup artist.  I never underestimated myself and I jumped into the industry with a lot of hope and excitement. 

I began working as a freelance makeup artist and drove all over Southern California for years. I met so many amazing people who welcomed me into their home to do their makeup for special events. That’s how I got more practice and how I learned and perfected my own techniques. The early mornings, sore feet, and thousands of miles my little Toyota ran were well worth it. 



After years of working as a freelance makeup artist and having enough money saved, I decided it was time to open my very own studio, something that was always in that wild dream of mine. I wanted to help other women acquire the art of make up and let them know they were capable of doing great things with that talent. With a lot of effort, patience, and prayers I opened up my very first studio in Anaheim, California. It was very small but it was mine.  


Here I am many years later. Many tears, long nights, early mornings later. I have two new studios five times the size of my very first studio. I am the CEO of Hotmamas Beauty Brand. I am the owner of a successful business which not only makes women feel beautiful but it also empowers them. If a young girl who came from Guatemala at 14 without speaking English could become a self-made successful entrepreneur, then you can do whatever you set your mind to.


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